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Casino in historical perspective

The games of gambling have a long historical relevance. But if you ask for the exactness of the origination of the casino games that are played at Best Online Casino then it will hard to reply offhand. If you go through the Chinese history the first record of such games are found as far back as 2300 BC. Similarly the reference of the gambling games are found in the history of almost all the civilized countries of the world such as Cesar’s Rome, ancient Greek, Napoleon’s France to even during the American civil war periods. But the authenticated reference of the games of casino is found in Venice around the year of 1638. The casino was known as Casino D Venezia, the name of which is still found around.


The games that we play at Best Online Casino are all the descendants of the games that were played in those early day casino houses. At present varieties of games are played in the online casino web sites that are modern incarnate of the old days brick and mortar casino houses. The games that are played in the online web sites today can be named as poker, video poker, baccarats, bingo, roulette, blackjack etc. There is a good story of the game of blackjack that is quite popular in the present day online casino web sites.

The game of blackjack used to be played in France and the people of the country were mad after the game of blackjack. Seeing the popularity of the game the entrepreneurs of USA thought to bring the game to their country in order to have some earnings. But unfortunately the game of blackjack was disliked by the American people. In order to make the game attractive to the people of the country the entrepreneurs played one trick and incorporated one strategy in-built in the game of blackjack which was known as twenty one during the time in France. In America too the game was known as twenty one only. They announced that if the winning cards include the jacks of spade and the clubs then the wining shall be in the ratio of ten to one. This made the game quite popular in the country of USA. From then onwards the game came to be known as blackjack.


In America the casinos of the earlier days were called the saloons. The saloons were concentrated in the cities of New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago and St. Lois.

The significant wave of increasing slot fans due to bonus

The slot games have created a huge wave of excitement. Even the game developers are using all their creativity, knowledge, and the games are based on the best probability calculations. Not only the stress is placed on the graphics, sounds, themes and symbols, but there are many extra incentives in the form of multipliers, free spins and also slot machine bonus which come along for the player’s enjoyment.

The unbelievable freebies attached to the slots games

Whether a 5 reel slot with high winning pay lines or a 3 reeled slot with less complications and ease of playing, the slot bonuses are always a welcome feature in the online arena. Not only does the odds of winning the game increase with bonus, but also the baggage of worries and the amount of money to be shelled out of the bank accounts is minimised to a great extent. Besides, the enjoyment is double fold and triple fold with the number of free spins one can enjoy with the casinos money.

Free spins in progressive slots

The ever increasing jackpot amount in progressive slots as an inbuilt feature itself is exciting, however the free spins and multipliers make it even more exciting. The player can try their hand in these games with no deposit bonuses and minimise the risk of losing their money to a great extent. The less skill and more destiny based slot games are liked by all the new gamblers as there is less need to think, calculate, etc unlike in poker, blackjack and such traditional games. When best Micro gaming slots are present, along with the influential big bonus amounts, the participants, new as well as pros of the casinos are all drawn to the best UK casinos. The easy procedure of registration can land you into the world of online slots which are colourful and with known and new themes which are added everyday in thousands. One can enjoy the marvel series of playtech online slots of vernons casino which provides 100% matching bonus or make use of the slot machine bonus codes of the Vegas Paradise slots casino to make the fullest of the 50 free no deposit spins among the many other best casinos of UK. The bonus codes are available for a limited validity period and hence it is best to check the due date of the bonus code before signing up with it.