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Taxation and online sports betting in Germany

Germany turns over one of the highest amounts of money via online gambling worldwide. As a result of this, gamers in the nation are subject to a number of guidelines and constraints when it comes to taxation and the like. In fact, the industry has only been fully recognised as a legal practice since 2010, following the repeal of the German Interstate Treaty of 2008 which put a ban on all forms of online casinos gaming and betting in the nation, with the exception of horse racing wagers. As well as the standard forms of taxation in place, such as license fees and turnover tax, the government of Germany is as up to date as any nation (at least now…) when it comes to protocol for online gaming formats.


Following the liberalisation which came about as a result of the European Court of Justice overruling the monopolised national infrastructure which was in place pre-2010, the industry out of Germany, in particular that which is online, has made some rather massive developments.


At present, the state of Schleswig-Holstein is the only state in the nation that has managed to come up with its very own gambling bill in reference to the online game. As of 2012, casino operators who are already licensed may apply for an online license for ventures running out of the state.


Given the size of the industry in Germany, at least in terms of the huge amount of money pumped into it by German gamers year after year, it may be surprising to some that the nation’s government is so tight on the subject. It just goes to show that many still struggle to see gambling as a legitimate pursuit or pastime, especially if it’s via an online platform. Education stands alongside perseverance in ensuring that this changes sooner rather than later.


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