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Rules of Playing the Dart Games

Dart games are quite interesting and many people play it for fun. There are also individuals who make some good cash by playing them. Darts are played on a dartboard and online as well. It is basically a throwing game where darts are thrown at the dartboard. This is a standardised game that is played by following a set of rules. For those who are not familiar about the game, just go through some of the rules below.

Generally, it requires two persons or two teams to play the dart game. In every team, there can be two or more players. However, it comes with several variations that one must be aware of before starting the game.

In general, every player gets a chance to throw nine darts as a warmup before starting the actual game. Once the warm up is done, one player from each team takes chance to throw a dart. This is done especially to find out which player or a team is good at taking the initial turn. The team or a player who throws the dart close to the bull’s eye will take the first chance.

Then, every individual gets a chance to throw three darts. Before taking the darts back, every team throws two sets of darts at the dart board. The throw will not be considered, if the foot of the person throwing a dart, crosses over the line. This is possible even when a player trips over the oche or the throwing line.

A throw will be counted if a dart remains on the dart board for around five seconds or more after the person’s final throw. But throws are not counted if a dart falls off the board in a few seconds or it hits the other dart on the board.

In general, the throws are counted during the game play in the following methods:

  • In the wedge – it means the amount posted on the outer ring.
  • The double ring – it is two times the number of hits
  • The triple ring – thrice the number of hits
  • The bulls eye – gives twenty five points
  • Double bull’s eye – gets fifty points

On the other hand, there are different forms of dart games played by people all over the world. Of the various forms, Cricket and 301 are quite popular. Compared to Cricket, 301 is easy to play. This game begins with each side having 301 points and then, darts are thrown to bring the score to zero. Meanwhile, players need to have excellent throwing skills and should apply strategies to play Cricket. This game is played particularly using the numbers 15 to 20 and the bull’s eyes. The match is won when a player wins two out of the three games played.