Can New York State Make Sports Betting Legal in Their 4 Casinos?

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When the Supreme court struck the Professional and Amateur Sports Act, making sports betting legal again, some of the US states including New Jersey jumped at the opportunity. What they did was legalize sports betting to include this form of gaming into their offer. This way, Nevada has effectively lost the monopoly they held on sports betting since 1992, and all the other states had the opportunity to make a profit from betting on sports events.

The New York State Gaming Commission didn’t waste any time either, and they accepted a set of rules and regulations that would make betting on sports legit in four of the state’s casinos.

New York still has a long way to go to get to the same level as the neighboring New Jersey that can offer sports betting in both the Atlantic City casinos and at the race tracks, as well as the ever-popular online betting.

The important thing for the local teams’ fans is that the Commission got the ball rolling. However, they will have to wait patiently for a bit longer before they would be able to place bets on the favorite teams.

The main thing is that this set of rules has to face a 60-day-long public debate, and then the Commission has to review all the comments and address the possible objections. This means that you will have to wait for three months at least for betting in New York to become legal.

The four New York casinos are feverishly setting the scene for the big moment, installing huge screens in the specially designed lounges, comprising listings with the various point spread bets and money lines.

But Wait, Are These Casinos Actually Near the N.Y.C.?

Well, we may have to disappoint you by saying that these casinos would require a long ride from New York City, with Resorts World Catskills in Sullivan County being the closest one. The other three operating New York State gambling houses are the Rivers Casino, Del Lago Resort Casino, and the casino in Tioga Downs. Why would anyone consider opening casinos in these secluded places, you may ask?

This was a plan that gov. Andrew Cuomo had for an economic revival of this part of the state. Hence, he passed the law to support the opening of these four casinos in 2013. The gambling business is both appealing and profitable. The perfect example of cases where gambling actually provided a major boost to the economy are, in fact, Nevada and New Jersey. Yet, the four New York casinos didn’t fill the state budget as much as it was expected. Nevertheless, Andrew Cuomo can hardly wait to usher the sports betting in these gambling houses for a couple of reasons. First, to attract sports bettors that now rush to New Jersey to place their bets. Second, even though sports betting isn’t as profitable as slot machines, for example, people would come to a casino to place their bets and watch the game. Once there, they would maybe take a spin at a slot, or a round of poker during the halftime.

When Do New York Sports Betting Rules Allow for Online Betting?

Don’t be so enthusiastic. All those commercials promoting online betting sites are aimed at the people living in New Jersey or the ones just visiting this state. Although everyone is aware of the numerous advantages online betting has over regular betting in land-based sportsbooks, there is a legislative course of actions that has to be followed to make it legal in New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is certain that there are some changes that have to be made in the state’s constitutions before other steps towards legalizing online gambling are taken.

The entire process will take considerable time because there are two sports betting bills to be passed. That is not all, there is a public referendum that also has to take place so that New Yorkers will probably have to wait for a couple more years before being able to enjoy placing money on their favorite sports events.

But if you don’t want to wait forever for sports betting to come to you, you can always turn to a generous offer of your fellow Indians. There is a tribal casino called Turning Stone where the owners (the Oneida Indian nation) made a deal with Caesar’s Entertainment to open betting lounges there and in two more casinos nearby.

For now, you can enjoy betting at the vast offshore online betting scene on various devices and mobile phones. And the variety of events you can bet on widely exceeds sports games and competitions.

Make the best of these offers while you’re waiting for all legal procedures to finish, so you can finally enter the New York casino and have the most amazing betting experience.

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